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Benefits of Raw Food

We’ve all heard it’s great to eat ‘clean’ food. What exactly does that mean? According to Gerald Celente, the first to coin the phrase, “Clean Foods” means: “foods free of artificial preservatives, coloring, irradiation, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, ripening agents, fumigants, drug residues and growth hormones” plus food that is “processed, packaged, transported and stored to retain maximum nutritional value.”

In essence, clean eating might as well be raw food. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables (organic if you can), avoids anything artificial and allows your body to be nourished, not just fulled. There’s a difference between eating to be full and eating the right combination of food to be well nourished.

There are so many benefits of eating a raw food diet:
1. Energetic stamina
2. A sense of happiness and euphoria
3. Clear skin
4. Weight loss
5. Reduce the risk of disease

You can imagine the peripheral benefits from the ones stated above. Most people would feel incredibly happy with weight loss being a side effect of eating healthy to say the least.

Eating raw can seem daunting and overwhelming, but once you get the basics down, it’s another culinary avenue you can explore. We can help with personal consulting or a group Lunch + Learn. Why not take a step towards optimum health? If you’re already on this path, we’re more than happy to cater your next special occasion and so you can take a night off “un-cooking”.

Enjoy your life by taking care of your health!

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